FAQs - Jacket Customizations


1: How much a varsity letterman jacket will cost?

In order to calculate jacket cost, please use our Design Jacket Functionality Page then select materials and add decorations. You can view total cost of the jacket on top right. To calculate shipping costs, you can add jacket to your cart and provide shipping address.

Note: Jacket prices varies based on materials, sizes and number of embroideries & patches. All discounts / ongoing offer has already been applied on the jackets.


2: Can I request changes after placing my order?

Yes, you can request changes within 24 hours of placing an order. To meet the promised delivery date we process all orders after 24 hours. If you have any change in your order, kindly request changes free of cost within 24 hours by email. Write us Email subject 9 DIGIT ORDER Number & write your required CHANGES.

Note: Additional charges may apply if you change materials or add new embroideries / patches.


3: Can I request my private label on a single jacket?

We offer private labels for wholesale orders only.


4: Can I use my own patches on a letterman jacket?

Yes, you can order your varsity letterman jacket with ½ zip-out lining to attach your patches on yourself.


5: Can repairs be made on the garment?

Since we are based in Pakistan, we are unable to provide repair services.


6: Can we add individual names & numbers on varsity jackets?

Yes, using our Design Jacket Functionality Page you can write individual names on the chest or back of the custom senior varsity jacket and hoodies.


7: Can we order patches only?

As of now we do not sell patches separately, however in future we have plans to add customized patch service.


8: Can you print photos?

Yes, we can print high resolution photo or illustration and attach it to the jacket as sewn on patch.

Satin sublimated jackets will have direct print on the fabric. Note: Complex artwork or artwork with too many colors and gradients are impossible to embroider. We will do sublimation print and then attach as patch. If you have complex artwork get in touch with our support team prior to order.


9: Can you send us a design proof?

Our Design Jacket Functionality Page creates a digital design proof. however if you wish to use specific embroidery sizes or have special instructions, please leave us a note right below the Design Jacket Functionality Page on Instructions block


10: Do you offer any other colors than listed?

For satin jackets, we can achieve any shade with SUBLIMATION PRINTING TECHNIQUE.

Wool, Cotton Fleece, Cotton Twill: if you have 100+ jackets we can produce custom wool, cotton fleece and cotton twill colors for varsity jackets and hoodies.

Leather: If you order 25 jackets with leather sleeves, we can produce custom leather color.


11: Do you offer chenille patches?

No, we do not make chenille patches. We can only produce felt patches and embroidered patches.


12: Do you offer custom sizing?

Yes, we can meet custom sizing requirements with $20 additional. Please use the closest size you wear and then leave custom measurements for your new jacket.

Note: We don’t need body measurements. You can measure your existing jacket and leave jacket measurements in the special instructions section. Our production team will match your measurements.


13: How can we get fabric swatches?

Please get in touch with our sales team and pay the shipping charges. Within 1-2 days they will ship your fabric swatches and provide a tracking code.

You can also request Pantone code for a particular fabric shade and then review Pantone code on your end to save time and costs.


14: How do I customize more than one jacket?

You can customize first jacket & add into shopping cart then do same practice one by one & pay for all


15: How do I design my varsity jacket?

You can use our Design Jacket Functionality Page to design your own custom varsity jacket or bomber jacket or Fleeve hoodie as well.

Select your choice of materials for body and sleeves, add your own colors for body, sleeves, buttons and pockets. Add your custom patches, embroideries and names. Upload your own logos and emblems. Select jacket size and make the payment.


16: How do I remove the background of my logo?

Feel Free to upload your logos with or without background our team will manage it. You can also write a note for our designers to remove the outer background.


17: How do I upload my own patch / logo?

Use our Design Jacket Functionality Page to upload your artwork, logo for custom design jackets or select predesigned jacket from products page.