Absolutely, customizing varsity jackets offers a fantastic way to create unique, personalized outerwear. Here are some customization tips:

  1. Select Colors Wisely: Choose colors that represent your style, team, or brand. The body, sleeves, cuffs, collar, and trim can all be different colors, allowing for a lot of customization.

  2. Embroidery and Patches: Incorporate team logos, emblems, or personal insignias through embroidery or patches on the chest, sleeves, or back for a personalized touch.

  3. Personalization: Add names, numbers, or special phrases on the jacket, such as initials, graduation year, or team member names, to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

  4. Material Choices: Consider different materials for the body and sleeves, mixing fabrics like wool, leather, or even newer materials for a distinctive look.

  5. Inner Lining: Customize the inner lining with patterns, images, or text for a surprise detail that's visible when the jacket is worn open.

  6. Contrasting Details: Play with contrasts in stitching, buttons, or ribbing to create a unique aesthetic.

  7. Unique Finishes: Experiment with metallic finishes, different textures, or unique closures (zippers, snaps, buttons) to add character.

  8. Sizing and Fit: Ensure the jacket fits well and consider various fits—classic, slim, or oversized—to suit individual preferences.

  9. Collaborate: If creating jackets for a team or group, involve everyone in the design process to ensure inclusivity and a design that represents the collective.

  10. Stay True to Purpose: While being creative, remember the intended use. For sports teams, consider functionality and comfort alongside aesthetics.

  11. Design Varsity Jacket: In order to calculate jacket cost, please use our Design Jacket Functionality Page to select materials and add decorations. You can view the total cost of the jacket on top right. To calculate shipping costs, you can add a jacket to your cart and provide a shipping address.

    Note: Jacket prices varies based on materials, sizes, and number of embroideries & patches. All discounts / ongoing offer has already been applied on the jackets.

Remember, the beauty of customization lies in making the jacket uniquely yours or your team's. It's an opportunity to showcase personality, style, and identity in a wearable piece of fashion.