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Common Questions
Encountering difficulties while navigating our website? How can I reach out for assistance?
Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]
What's the process for obtaining fabric swatches?
Please reach out to our sales team to arrange for the shipment of fabric swatches at [email protected]
Is it possible to request a private label on a single jacket?
Typically, we provide private labels for wholesale orders exclusively. However, if you desire a private label on a single jacket order, you have the option to cover the label production charges, and we can proceed to attach your labels accordingly.
Do you provide chenille patches as an option?
Unfortunately, we do not produce chenille patches at this time. However, we specialize in crafting both felt patches and embroidered patches.
Is it possible to have repairs done on the Jacket if needed?
Certainly, you can arrange for repairs by finding a local service provider in your area. However, as we are based in Pakistan, we regretfully cannot offer repair services directly.
Where are these jackets manufactured?
All our items are manufactured within our factory Xpert Gears situated in Sialkot, Pakistan.
Has Xpert Gears been officially recognized as a manufacturer and supplier of Varsity letterman jackets?
Yes, Xpert Gears are verified by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce with Membership number A-38811, Here is the verification link.
What does the 1/2 zip-out lining option entail?
Opting for the 1/2 zip-out lining feature provides convenient access for adding embroidery or patches without visible threads. It grants access to the jacket's interior without compromising the lining. However, please note, that this option doesn't render the lining fully removable.
What is the maximum number of characters allowed for personalizing my name on the product?
You can personalize your garment with a maximum of 12 letters in your name or nickname. This ensures optimal design and manufacturing support for your jacket. The characters can include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, etc., enabling you to create the design you desire!
What are the operating hours or schedule for the office?
Our operational hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. GMT+5.
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Designing the Jacket
How do I design my varsity letterman jacket & how much a varsity letterman jacket will cost?
Discover Our Design Jacket Tool to customize your Varsity Letterman jackets.
Is it possible to request modifications or changes to an order once it has been placed?
Yes, Alterations to an order are accepted within the first 24 hours after placing it.
Is it possible to personalize varsity jackets with individual names and numbers?
Yes, Our jacket Design Tool allows you to personalize your varsity jackets and hoodies by adding individual names, number, logos, etc
Is it possible to place an order specifically for patches?
No, We do not offer patches for sale separately.
Is it possible to have photos printed on the jackets?
Indeed, we have the capability to print high-resolution photos or illustrations and affix them to the jacket.
Is it possible to receive a design proof before finalizing the order?
Our design jacket tool generates a digital design proof for your customization.
What's the process for removing the background from my logo?
Simply leave a note for our designers in the instruction box located below the jacket design image.
Is it possible to place an order for a single jacket from Xpert Gears?
You can utilize our online design jacket tool to craft and order your single custom designed jacket.
Is it possible to use personal patches on a letterman jacket?
Yes, you have the option to order your varsity letterman jacket with a ½ zip-out lining, allowing you to attach your patches yourself as desired.
How can I customize multiple jackets?
Feel free to utilize our online design jacket tool to create one or even multiple jackets.
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Sizing and Fit
Is custom sizing available for orders?
Yes, We can accommodate custom sizing requirements with an additional fee of $20.
Do our jacket sizes tend to run smaller than usual?
Our jackets typically run true to size and don't run small. For precise measurements and to ensure the right fit, we recommend referring to our sizing chart page, which provides accurate jacket measurements. This will assist you in selecting the perfect size for your needs.
What's the best way to determine the appropriate size for my order?
Please refer to our size chart page, where we offer size charts and size guides for your convenience.
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Payment and Checkout
What payment methods are accepted for placing an order?
We gladly accept all major credit cards and debit cards & bank wire to our company accounts for Bulk Orders.
Experiencing difficulties while attempting payment with my credit or debit card
Before placing an order, we highly encourage customers to activate their credit and debit cards for international and online transactions. This proactive measure minimizes the risk of transaction declines and ensures a hassle-free shopping process.
Is it possible for production to commence on my order prior to making the payment?
Unfortunately, we do require full payment upfront before initiating the processing of any order.
What payment methods are available for wholesale orders?
For bulk and wholesale orders, we do request payments to be made into our company's official bank account.
Which currency is used for transactions on your platform?
All our product prices are listed in USD $. Nonetheless, you have the option to switch currencies from the top left corner of the homepage to view prices in your preferred currency.
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Shipping and Delivery
Are shipping fees applicable to my order?
Yes, Simply input your delivery address during checkout to view the specific charges on the cart page
What is the estimated shipping time for my order once it's placed?
The timeframe for shipping varies based on the level of customization.
Is order tracking available once my shipment is dispatched?
Yes, Once your jacket is approved by our Quality Department and shipped, our system will automatically generate an email containing detailed tracking
What's the process for placing a RUSH order?
Typically, our production timeline for customized garments is 3-4 weeks, with an additional 4-5 working days for delivery. However, if you have urgent requirements, Please contact us before placing the rush order. 
What are the shipping rates for orders?
Shipping rates are determined based on the weight of the products and the delivery location.
From where are the jackets dispatched for delivery?
All our items are crafted at our factory, Xpert Gears, situated in Sialkot, Pakistan. They are shipped directly from our factory using reliable courier services such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS.
Will there be any taxes or customs duties for my international order?
In the United States, goods valued at less than $700 are typically not subject to import duties by the United States Customs. However, certain countries like Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom may impose import duties on international packages, regardless of the goods' nature.
Are there specific countries to which you don't ship?
We ship globally to most countries, excluding Russia, Israel, and Africa. If you don't find your country listed during the checkout process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance and details.
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Returns, Exchanges & Cancellation
Is it possible for Xpert Gears to cancel an order?
Yes, Xpert Gears retains the authority to cancel an order in specific situations.
What's the process for canceling my order?
If you've recently placed an order and wish to cancel it, please contact us within 24 hours via email or Facebook Messenger. In your message, kindly request the cancellation and provide your 19-digit order number. Please note, that a cancellation fee of $25 USD applies in such cases. Upon cancellation, a refund will be initiated, and you can expect it to be reflected in your account within a few days.
Is it possible to have repairs done on the Jacket if needed?
Certainly, you can arrange for repairs by finding a local service provider in your area. However, as we are based in Pakistan, we regretfully cannot offer repair services directly.
What should I do if I receive a defective item?
Typically, our quality control team thoroughly inspects each garment before it's packed for shipment. We also capture high-quality photos of the garment from multiple angles before dispatch.
Do you provide options for returns and exchanges?
Our customized jackets, unfortunately, cannot be refunded or exchanged due to their tailored nature. They are meticulously crafted based on your color choices and embroideries.
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Bulk Orders
Is there an option for quantity discounts on bulk or larger orders?
For inquiries regarding quantity discounts, kindly submit your detailed requirements through the Bulk Orders form
If I order a sample jacket before making a bulk order, is a refund possible?
Absolutely! If you decide to place a bulk order after receiving and approving the sample jacket for its quality, the cost of the garment will be adjusted within the final amount of your bulk order.
How can I ensure that the jackets I receive for my clothing brand are of high quality?
To ensure the quality of our jackets for your clothing brand, we recommend ordering one jacket initially to assess the sizing and overall quality firsthand. We strongly believe in delivering superior quality, and once you experience our products, we're confident you'll return for more business.
Are there additional color options available beyond those listed?
Certainly, additional color options are available, but their availability is contingent upon the order quantity.
What is the process for placing a bulk wholesale order, and are there any specific steps to follow?
Feel free to reach out by completing our dedicated bulk order form, specifying your quantity and requirements. Once submitted, our team will promptly review your order specifics and reach out to you with further details.
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