Designing the Jacket

How do I design my varsity letterman jacket & how much a varsity letterman jacket will cost?
Discover Our Design Jacket Tool to customize your Varsity Letterman jackets.
Is it possible to request modifications or changes to an order once it has been placed?
Yes, Alterations to an order are accepted within the first 24 hours after placing it.
Is it possible to personalize varsity jackets with individual names and numbers?
Yes, Our jacket Design Tool allows you to personalize your varsity jackets and hoodies by adding individual names, number, logos, etc
Is it possible to place an order specifically for patches?
No, We do not offer patches for sale separately.
Is it possible to have photos printed on the jackets?
Indeed, we have the capability to print high-resolution photos or illustrations and affix them to the jacket.
Is it possible to receive a design proof before finalizing the order?
Our design jacket tool generates a digital design proof for your customization.
What's the process for removing the background from my logo?
Simply leave a note for our designers in the instruction box located below the jacket design image.
Is it possible to use personal patches on a letterman jacket?
Yes, you have the option to order your varsity letterman jacket with a ½ zip-out lining, allowing you to attach your patches yourself as desired.
Is it possible to request a private label on a single jacket?
Typically, we provide private labels for wholesale orders exclusively. However, if you desire a private label on a single jacket order, you have the option to cover the label production charges, and we can proceed to attach your labels accordingly.
Is it possible to place an order for a single jacket from Xpert Gears?
You can utilize our online design jacket tool to craft and order your single custom designed jacket.
How can I customize multiple jackets?
Feel free to utilize our online design jacket tool to create one or even multiple jackets.
Do you provide chenille patches as an option?
Unfortunately, we do not produce chenille patches at this time. However, we specialize in crafting both felt patches and embroidered patches.
Is it possible to incorporate limited personalization like names, numbers, and logos on the pre-designed jackets rather than creating entirely customized ones?
Certainly! You have the option to include names, logos, and numbers on our pre-designed jackets instead of opting for fully customized ones.
What does the 1/2 zip-out lining option entail?
Opting for the 1/2 zip-out lining feature provides convenient access for adding embroidery or patches without visible threads. It grants access to the jacket's interior without compromising the lining. However, please note, that this option doesn't render the lining fully removable.
What is the maximum number of characters allowed for personalizing my name on the product?
You can personalize your garment with a maximum of 12 letters in your name or nickname. This ensures optimal design and manufacturing support for your jacket. The characters can include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, etc., enabling you to create the design you desire!
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