How do I design my varsity letterman jacket & how much a varsity letterman jacket will cost?

Our online design jacket tool offers you the opportunity to design your very own custom varsity jacket or bomber jacket with ease.

Here's how it works: Begin by selecting your preferred materials for the body and sleeves. Next, personalize the colors for the body, sleeves, buttons, and pockets to suit your style. Add a personal touch with custom patches, embroideries, and names. You can even upload your own logos and emblems to make it truly unique. Once you've finalized the design and selected the jacket size, proceed to make the payment to complete your order.

To discover the total cost of your customized jacket, explore our intuitive Design Jacket tool. Begin by selecting your preferred jacket type, then personalize it with a range of materials and delightful decorations. The total cost of your unique creation will be displayed conveniently on the top right corner, granting you a clear view of your customized masterpiece's pricing.

Additionally, for an accurate estimation of shipping expenses, simply add your selected jacket to the cart and proceed to provide your shipping address. This seamless process allows you to calculate the shipping costs, ensuring transparency and convenience as you create your perfect jacket.

Please note: that the prices of our jackets may fluctuate based on various factors such as the chosen materials, sizes, and the number of embroideries or patches you select for customization. Rest assured, all applicable discounts or ongoing offers have already been applied to our jackets, ensuring you receive the best value for your personalized garment

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