Bulk Orders

Is there an option for quantity discounts on bulk or larger orders?
For inquiries regarding quantity discounts, kindly submit your detailed requirements through the Bulk Orders form
If I order a sample jacket before making a bulk order, is a refund possible?
Absolutely! If you decide to place a bulk order after receiving and approving the sample jacket for its quality, the cost of the garment will be adjusted within the final amount of your bulk order.
How can I ensure that the jackets I receive for my clothing brand are of high quality?
To ensure the quality of our jackets for your clothing brand, we recommend ordering one jacket initially to assess the sizing and overall quality firsthand. We strongly believe in delivering superior quality, and once you experience our products, we're confident you'll return for more business.
Are there additional color options available beyond those listed?
Certainly, additional color options are available, but their availability is contingent upon the order quantity.
What is the process for placing a bulk wholesale order, and are there any specific steps to follow?
Feel free to reach out by completing our dedicated bulk order form, specifying your quantity and requirements. Once submitted, our team will promptly review your order specifics and reach out to you with further details.
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