Experiencing difficulties while attempting payment with my credit or debit card

1: It's possible that customers might encounter issues while paying with their credit or debit cards due to restrictions set by their bank, particularly regarding international transactions. This can result in declined payments or authorization failures. It's advisable to contact your bank to inquire about and potentially resolve any limitations on international transactions for smoother payment processing.

2: Before placing an order, we highly encourage customers to activate their credit and debit cards for international and online transactions. This proactive measure minimizes the risk of transaction declines and ensures a hassle-free shopping process.

3: If you feel any difficulties while paying with your credit card or debit card please free feel to contact us for quick assistance with the error screenshot 

4: After clicking the "PLACE ORDER" button at checkout, you'll promptly receive an order confirmation email. Following that, you'll be directed to our secure payment platform, hosted by PayPro, to finalize your purchase using your Credit/Debit Card. It's crucial to complete this payment process to avoid automatic cancellation of your order due to non-payment within the next 24 hours.

5: If payment at the checkout page using your card isn't feasible or if you prefer a bank transfer, you have the option to select the "Bank Transfer" payment method. Just provide us with the 19-digit order ID, and we'll furnish you with the necessary international bank account details for the payment. The choice is entirely yours!

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